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If you’ve recently suffered property damage that you believe should be covered by your insurance policy, you may soon find yourself needing an accomplished claims adjuster. Every insured situation is unique and needs to be evaluated carefully to ensure you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to. That’s where Inman And Associates Inc can help you. Our claims adjusters in Manchester understand the many details that can affect your settlement and will work with you to achieve an appropriate insurance payout.

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Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire insurance covers losses or damage to your property caused by a fire. This includes the cost of repairing or replacing anything in your property that was indirectly damaged by the fire, including smoke, electrical, and water damage, along with any associated costs of hiring a clean-up crew, rebuilding, and ensuring code compliance.

Our expert claims adjuster will take into account every detail of the cause of the fire and its consequent damage and fixes so that you’re appropriately compensated. We leave no stone unturned in determining ways to help you recover financially from a fire at your home or business.

Flood and Water Damage Insurance Claims

Dealing with flood and water damage on your property can be difficult. While some homeowners can salvage their possessions to an extent, others are faced with thousands of dollars worth of damages and massive losses.

With a wholesome understanding of what you’re going through, our claims adjusters will work with you to provide you with the support you need in pursuing your flood or water damage insurance claims. They’ll also offer an objective perspective as they document all the damages to your property and the repairs you need to implement.

Tornado and Wind Damage Insurance Claims

Tornadoes and extreme windstorms can create havoc on a property. Such catastrophic damage can be devastating to the homeowner and their family. If such a crisis occurs and you need to file a comprehensive insurance claim to recoup any damages, it’s best to contact us immediately at (636) 225-9182.

Our claims adjusters will work alongside you meticulously to record all your property that has been damaged. Whether there’s damage to your building structure, furniture, or possessions, we’ll take great care and attention to document every aspect of your losses and judge the appropriateness of including them in a claim.

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When a catastrophe damages your property, combing through your insurance policy to learn exactly what you’re covered for can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Inman And Associates Inc will work with you every step of the way to provide an objective perspective to keep your losses in check.

We’re constantly at the forefront of advances in the insurance industry, so our claim adjusters remain continually up to date on policies and procedures. We’re experienced with the ins and outs of the claims process and know how to push to get you what you deserve. Phone (636) 225-9182 to get the best claims adjuster in Manchester working on your behalf and receive the highest possible compensation.

How a Claims Adjuster Can Help You

Is your insurance company taking their time with your claim? Are they requesting information from you that seems unreasonable? Inman And Associates Inc is a licensed claims adjuster that can help speed up the process and provide your insurance company with the information they need to close your case in your favor.

We've been serving the residents of Manchester for many years and have built a solid record of excellence. There's no claim too complex for our licensed team of experts, and we're always happy to speed up a slow process.

If you're in Manchester, we want to work with you. Get in touch with one of our claims adjusters at (636) 225-9182 to discuss your active claim.

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How a Claims Adjuster Can Help You

When you have an insurance claim in the works, a claims adjuster is responsible for verifying all the pertinent details required to determine the settlement amount. If your claim is for property damage, they'll carry out a comprehensive investigation that includes the following:

  • Interviewing you, the claimant
  • Inspecting the damage
  • Talking to witnesses 
  • Analyzing the police report
  • …any other necessary or relevant processes

Once all the details are gathered, the additional information will be added to the adjuster's final report and submitted to the insurance company. The claims adjuster will include their recommendations for a fair claim amount to be paid to the claimant in the report.

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We want you to be happy with the service you receive from us, so we prioritize being as transparent with our role as we can. To ensure we're on the same page, we offer every client a complimentary consultation where they can speak with one of our claims adjusters. Our adjuster will inquire about the details of your claim so they can be transparent about how we can help and provide you with reasonable expectations about your claim.

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Quick Turnarounds on Claims Inspections

Property damage is bad enough—the last thing anyone needs is to add a lengthy claims process to it. Inman And Associates Inc provides quick turnarounds on claims, no matter their complexity. We'll work efficiently to gather all the relevant details so you can receive a payout much earlier than you would without our help. If you're unhappy with your settlement and would like to dispute it, we can help process all the necessary information to get your dispute dealt with promptly. No time will be wasted when we oversee your claim.

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Your claims payout is important to you, which is why we work diligently and with meticulous detail. We aim to secure the compensation you're entitled to as quickly as possible, without delays from your insurance provider. When you're facing the prospect of a complex and stressful insurance claims process, we're the experienced adjusters for you. We offer error-free solutions proven to work on all claims.

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