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We are Public Adjusters, licensed by the state of Missouri to be your exclusive representative. We work for you, NOT the Insurance Company. With our experience and knowledge we are able to obtain a more favorable adjustment for you, the insured.

When damage to property occurs, on your behalf we will:

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Provide Consultation Services

We confer, on your behalf and represent you, with insurance company representatives and handle all matters essential for maximum results on your behalf.

Take the stress off for you and your family or business while we adjust your loss as we are looking out for you as we know this is a stressful and emotional time.

Analyze your insurance policy to maximize full benefits that you are entitled to receive.


"Rich Inman helps you get every dime you deserve from your insurance policy. Excellent service."

- Carolyn Boyd

"They fought tooth and nail for me every step of the way! Very kind, very sympathetic, very professional people! Without them I would be so upside down right now and they only get a fraction of the proceeds! If you have an insurance claim please contact them because even though your insurance company pretends to have your best interest in mind, they do not! They will take advantage of your situation in every way possible with only their best interests in mind! With Inman & associates I wouldn’t have known the difference, so do yourself a favor and give them a call😊"

- Bob Burke

"This is a heartfelt review for me. Almost a year after my garage fire I just spoke with rich regarding my final payment. I actually have my insurance license and I would have been lost without this man who I now consider a friend. I don’t typically trust people, and I can honestly be a pain to deal with, and I as especially so during this. He handled everything with patience, and professionalism. I had closed a business just before the fire and had literally thousands of items in my garage. The man sifted through ALL OF IT documenting every single thing, including tiny nuts and bolts. He also insisted I got paid on things I didn’t even think about, and that the adjuster first refused but eventually paid on. The insurance company was trying to pay as little as possible in the time of a very tragic time for my family. If you need any reassurance that he is the right man for the job contact me anytime."

- Derek Metcalf


Safe Guard your claim with Proof of Loss

Determine structural damage to present a fully detailed and professional building estimate to present to your insurance company.

We take a physical inventory and document your personal or business property and assets. Did you know the average household has at least 2500 personal item's. A family of 4 may have up to 10,000.

Assist you with securing alternate/temporary living or business space if needed.

Evaluate and prepare for businesses, loss of earnings, extra expenses or business interruption and code upgrades.

When a claim occurs contact us immediately is the best way to maintain control of your insurance claim. Waiting to see what the insurance company will due for you first is often what people due. If you want a seconc opinion...

Within a month after your claim, you should receive an estimate from your insurance company regarding your home or business. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your claim, please call us for a no charge evaluation of your claim and estimate.

When Disaster Strikes let Inman's and Associates prepare, present and negotiate your claim with your insurance company to attain the maximum settlement for you.

Contact us now for a free consultation meeting
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